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Ever since I was young, I had a burning thirst for truth, and I soaked it up wherever I could find it. As I grew older, I came to realize that Truth was a historical person named Jesus of Nazareth, who existed before his birth, and who is the living Blueprint who holds together all created reality. He is God's Reason and the integration of everything, and by his death on the cross he is the Savior of my life.

I live for moments of palpable perfection—those glimmers of the ideal future that Jesus Christ is preparing, thrown back into the present. I catch fleeting glimpses in music and art and in the natural world, but most of all when God's Spirit transforms selves and systems to be holy and whole as he is.

Getting It (2013)

Getting It (2013)

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Courtesy: Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

I am the global voice developer for New Generations, the hub of a family of organizations whose workers catalyze disciple making movements everywhere. My role is to mine the team's extraordinary expertise in DMM, define it, refine it, and then write it for a global audience.

Prior to joining New Generations, I co-designed training processes and tools for The Future Church Co., a consulting group, and similarly served a range of Christian leaders and organizations under the auspices of my own enterprise, Fulcrum Content. Before that I served as a pastor in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I love history and earned a Doctor of Ministry degree with a thesis on 19th-century educator, revivalist, publisher, and abolitionist Mansfield French.


I was raised in central New York and educated in Indiana and Massachusetts. Today I live in central Pennsylvania. My wife, Kelly, and I have four children and one bonus child (daughter-in-law).

Reach out, and let's learn from each other.

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